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Preeti Pillai is an Indian singer, writer and linguist. She was born and brought up in Pune, until having recently shifted base to Bengaluru, India. She loves both cities at par. Preeti sings and composes across genres of music, and most of her released work till date has been in collaboration with her brother and music composer Prashant Pillai. They owe their best in music to each other.

As a writer, Preeti has always written short stories and poems for her personal collection, which she keeps in random pages of notebooks and diaries, dating back right from her school days. Her first released work of fiction, Stranger Ways, was released online in the year 2012,  and gained a modest and heartening readership. Preeti also loved writing songs, and has written for a few songs in Hindi and English. 

Her love for expression stems from her childhood love for language. Preeti is a certified German linguist and trainer, and has conducted several training programmes for companies as well as individuals from various professional backgrounds. Amidst all her ventures, her dream company, Quelleworks, is in the making. 


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Stranger Ways (Short Fiction)

Stranger Ways is Preeti Pillai’s first ever released work of fiction. It is a series that weaves the lives of 24 people through 24 moments of their lives – how they unknowingly become sources of solace, inspiration, joy and realization for each other. The work of fiction was released in eBook format, and as an Audio Book on YouTube, narrated by Preeti herself.

The eBook is free of charge and is open for all readers to download here.

Mrs. Nair’s dream (debut – Groove Loves Company)

Mrs. nair’s dream is an English jazz-blues track from the album ‘debut’ – the first compilation by Groove Loves Company.

Jiya Ra (debut – Groove Loves Company)

Jiya Ra is a rain-song, composed by Prashant Pillai, as a part of ‘debut’, the first album of Groove Loves Company.

Nakshatram Pol (Ezhu Sundara Raathrikal)

Nakshatram Pol is Preeti’s latest track, which she sung for the Dileep-starrer Ezhu Sundara Raathrikal.

Aadi Kuliraayi (Anchu Sundarikal)

Aadi Kuliraayi, composed by Prashant Pillai and written by Kavaalam Narayana Panicker, was featured in the second story ‘Isha’ in the film ‘Anchu Sundarikal’.

Ee Solomonum Shoshannayum (Amen)

This melodious song from the romantic musical Amen’s soundtrack went on to be Preeti’s most recognized, loved and acclaimed song till date. Read this post about her own experience with this song.

O Yaara (Shaitaan)

O Yaara was Preeti’s first song for mainstream Hindi cinema. This song was recorded in Mumbai for Bejoy Nambiar’s debut film Shaitaan. And in the Preeti Pillai Project, this song was recreated in a whole new avatar, with more elements of Sufi-ism in it.

Nee ko Njaa Cha (Nee ko Njaa Cha)

This is a fun song created as a promo track for the new age Malayalam comedy film Nee ko Njaa Cha. The gibberish was freestyle!

Ee Nilavupol (Nee Ko Njaa Cha)

Ee Nilavupol is a romantic song composed for the  Malayalam new age comedy film, Nee Ko Njaa Cha. The song was also one of the most-loved performances on The Preeti Pillai Project on Kappa TV.

Kaalangal (City of God)

Kaalangal is a captivating Tamil melody, set for Lijo Jose Pellissery’s second and critically acclaimed film City of God.

Lolalolamayi (Nayakan)

Preeti’s first song to receive wide listenership and acclaim, Lolalolamaayi is surely a special one.

Ezhu Sundara Raathrikal

Music composer Prashant Pillai worked out the background score of the latest Lal Jose flick Ezhu Sundara Raathrikal experimentally, by using short and lyrical songs rather than just music. These songs, that have added soul to the scenes, have been written by Preeti.

Ad Films and TVCs

Preeti has sung for a handful of jingles, including television commercials as well as promotional ad films. Music Production: Madras Blues (Prashant Pillai)


The Preeti Pillai Project

Preeti Pillai’s first performance for television. The Preeti Pillai Project was aired across 2 episodes of the popular show Music Mojo on the youth entertainment channel Kappa TV. This Project featured an ensemble of some of the best upcoming musicians across India, performing a set of songs that was a mix of originals and covers in Hindi, English, Malayalam and Tamil.

What resulted that evening, was an experience; not just for the whole team behind the project, but also for the audiences across the country who have been fondly enjoying the music ever since.

Take a listen.

Ishq ki Ada (Sixteen)

Ishq ki Ada happened when the director of the film Sixteen, Raj Purohit, wanted a romantic song that was simple, young and laid-back. This song, set to the music of Prashant Pillai, has been sung and written by Preeti.

Salaam Thok – MTV Rush

MTV Rush was a drama series that revolved around 12 stories in one college festival. The youth series that was aired on MTV featured music by various composers of the day, including Mikey McCleary, Anirudh and Prashant Pillai. For this project, Preeti was the voice behind the Promo Track ‘Salaam Thok’ written by Prashant Shankar and composed by Prashant Pillai.

Nayakan & City of God

Preeti’s first ever released project for mainstream cinema with brother Prashant Pillai was Lijo Jose Pellissery’s debut film ‘Nayakan’. Preeti has penned the English rap lyrics for the title track of this film.

She has also written the English verses of the popular song Nee Akaleyano, from Lijo’s second and critically acclaimed film, City of God.



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