Preeti Pillai

Linguist. Strategist. SINGER.



About Me

Preeti Pillai Australia

Hi there! I’m a singer-songwriter, content strategist, German linguist and writer.

The voice behind Amen’s Solomon Shoshanna and the lyricist of Angamaly Diaries’ Do Naina.
Although my personal favorite among my songs is Vasanthamallike.

The founder of German at Heart and the go-to German language expert for companies across the world.
And my favorite thing to do as a linguist is to help newbies learn the language and make a rock-solid career.

I’m a writer of blogs and business content for online magazines,  startups, ebooks, websites and social media marketing.
I love writing. My favorite thing to write is a story that I don’t yet completely know.

I’m a story-teller. My favorite story-teller of all time is my late grandfather.

I love design. I think in German. And I was born to dance.

I’m a doting aunt, a proud sister, and my family is my first audience and best critic. 

I am a creative soul, and through everything I do, my purpose is expression.