Studies show that learning a foreign language can boost your pay and career avenues up by at least 30%.

2019 Forecast Alert (Plus Early Bird Offer!)

2019 is the year you get un-stuck in your career and grab the biggest global career opportunities you can find. One added skill can make that happen – the German Language. 

You probably know a handful of people who have taken up German – that goes to show how many jobs, career options across industries are being created on a daily basis.

German is the native language of Europe’s fastest growing, job-creating economic powerhouse.

And its grand expansion is here to stay. More and more companies are kick-starting a German process, more and more German language experts are finding better-paying jobs and building global careers.

And there’s a reason why German is the foreign language most in demand.

New Tan 100%

Take my story for example…

My career took off after I took up the German language in college. It took me just a little over a year to go from basic to proficient, with a solid C1 certification that is internationally recognized. Here are some of the amazing things that happened as a result:

My first full-time job in 2010 in the pre-publishing industry got me affiliated with Germany’s second best publisher in science, Springer Verlag.

I earned a remuneration that was 30% higher than my colleagues who worked the same job, only without the German language skills.

Within 6 months of my job, I got to travel to Germany, spend several days across cities. While I was there for work-related training, what I learned about the culture, the people and the country was priceless.

After a year and a half on the job, I decided to take a break. I was able to confidently quit, mainly because I knew that I could earn well being a freelance trainer, translator and writer. 

And I did. I was able to rent an office, conduct language courses, and more than sustain as a freelancer.

My next job came in 2013, when I worked as first-line of support for a B2B enterprise. Again, thanks to my language skills, I was able to earn better than the average payscale for English-speakers.

I got to build real business relationships with clients, interact with them, learn and grow beyond my job profile. And shortly after a year, armed with my German language skills, I climbed up the corporate ladder and became the manager of the team that I was hired into.

After over 4 years at the job, I made the permanent switch. I decided to put my creative language skills at play, quit the corporate job, and become a full-time freelancer. 

With a newly started family, it was not a very easy choice. But because I still had my language skills, I was confident that I could thrive as a freelance linguist.

And with consistent effort, I did! 

In the last two years, I have had real fun working with companies and entrepreneurs from different industries, using my German for social media marketing, teaching, content writing, translation, interpretation, blogging, market research, and more, for clients across Europe, Asia and America.

And it’s easy to imagine that, even if I was still working as an employee, I would have progressed further up the ladder and my global career would have grown substantially.

So based on my own personal experience, let me say this: among all the things you can do to ensure a bigger, better career this year, up-skilling yourself with the German language is one of the smartest things you can do. 



The 30-session-career-booster.

I’ve learned that one of the most common factors that hold people back from taking a German course is that they are time-consuming. 

People who already work jobs or attend college tune out when they realize that they need to spend a few hours a day for over 2 months to learn something. They fear that the experience might be exhausting, and that they might not be able to give or get 100%.

Keeping this in mind, I’ve designed Get Set German 2019 so that you:

 – Learn the basics of the German language in 30 sessions
 – Get a 100% personal and one-on-one learning experience
 – Get FREE access to all the resources you need to get certified
 – Join my community of German Linguists
 – Get help with your next big career leap

*Courses are available for basic and intermediate German. 

My Skype sessions in this introductory course are short, interactive, and come with a lot of free learning material that will help you learn smarter, faster and better.

You also get to join my community of German linguists, who will get access to exclusive content, webinars, career-booster courses, and more.


FAQs about
Get Set German 2019


So, Get Set German 2019 is a Skype course?
Yes. Get Set German is 30-session introductory course conducted one-on-one, hence the use of Skype as a practical tool.

How will we work out the course schedule?
Once you sign up for the course (you can now do it and avail the early-bird offer), you and I will work out all the details of the course over a short Skype call. This includes determining the syllabus for you, setting the exact dates and times for each of the 30 sessions and discussing other terms of the course. With all the slots pre-discussed, our course progress will be friction-less!

How much do you charge for the course, and what is the Early Bird Offer?
You are one step away from finding out. I like to keep the details of my course exclusive to those who express genuine interest, and signing up in the section above the FAQs is the way to discuss course fees.

I am a beginner. Can I really speak and understand German after 30 sessions?
Yes, you can! I know, because I was a beginner once, and I know that the key to learning a whole new language quickly is to keep up momentum. Each of the 30 sessions has been designed to keep your learning muscles active, so that you can grasp better, learn faster and get your basics right. At the end of the course, a beginner like you will be able communicate in basic German easily (including being able to read, write, understand and speak) in everyday situations. 

I have learned a bit of German in the past. But I need a refresher and I need to move to the next level. Is this course for me?
This course is definitely for you. There’s a reason I call it a career-booster – my students have mostly been working professionals who did a few levels of German months or years ago, and their ‘stuck’-ness was limiting their career growth – and the course opened up new opportunities and gave them a whole lot of confidence. We could also prepare you to get the next level of certification in German. Get in touch with me, und dann diskutiren wir weiter.

Do I need to buy reference books for the course?
In comparison to a textbook you can buy off a shelf, I find my own course material to be more productive – I like to share handouts, lists, literature, exercises and a lot more as reference material – but if you do decide to buy a reference book, I can recommend a few based on your language skill goals.

What support can I expect after the course?
My professional involvement as a coach tends to go beyond the course – my students have often sought help for prepping up for interviews, switching careers and preparing for exams. For all those questions, I am usually happily available to consult. 
Secondly, Get Set German 2019 is one of the first steps in building a strong community of linguists – where in the future, common concerns can be discussed, interesting jobs can be applied for and freelance work can be found. That’s the dream!

I would love to be a freelance German linguist someday. Can we discuss that?
It does sound very hassle-free and glamorous, being a freelance German linguist. But you should definitely talk to someone who is already an experienced full-time freelance linguist before you make up your mind. I’d love to hear more about you and your questions. Start the conversation by leaving a message in the form at the bottom of this page.


If you have any other questions about me or the course, do visit my LinkedIn page, and hit me up with any questions in the form below:


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