The Preeti Pillai Project


For those who have known and loved The Preeti Pillai Project, it’s coming back this year! 

Only, this time, it will be an album of songs that I have written years ago and simply postponed (some of them are at least 5 years). So far, I’ve been wary of sharing my own compositions, and have held on trying to ‘make it perfect.’ But 2018 has been an inspiring year for the musician in me, with so many of my artist friends sharing their beautiful work with their fans and followers.

I’m hoping to be bolder as an artist in 2019, and can’t wait to share my songs with the world!

When I performed for Kappa TV’s Music Mojo a few years ago, I didn’t foresee the amount of love and support that poured in. It was a humbling and incredibly satisfying experience, and a reprisal has always been on my mind since.

The Preeti Pillai Project – Take II is an incredibly special project, and keeps me up at night! Looking forward to featuring some of my favorite musicians 🙂


Join my circle of first listeners – the more, the merrier!