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Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence

This is a personal reset button – for me, and I hope for many of you like me. 

Calm Roots has shaped up from my personal love for the bigger questions – the philosophical thinking that made me a tad bit dreamy, but also helped me appreciate life. 

In this time when we as humans are making technological breakthroughs, yet feel depreciated, when we are virtually connected to each other at all times, yet feel lonely.

A time when we are swimming in a sea of choices, yet feel directionless. And in such a time, those big questions that make us reflect, wonder and marvel tend to fade into the background.

Calm Roots is my endeavor to bring those questions to light – to highlight the simple things that can make our lives simpler, happier and purposeful.

This is a space created to build emotional and spiritual intelligence, beat stress, anxiety and negativity with simple techniques and values that have helped me turn my own life around.

Hopefully, I can persuade you to experiment with some of these techniques, like meditation, yoga, and others that can help us have a happier 2019.

With this in mind, I’m stoked about putting out some truly interesting material for my online community – including life-enhancing courses, books, podcasts, music and so much more.

Calm Roots is also set to be the place to find spiritual inspiration, by featuring my soul-searching conversations with some incredible people from around the world.


from around the World

I think I know why meditation feels so great, yet sometimes so impossible to try.

Meditation feels great because in it, there is no concept of perfection, conflict or success.

Meditation feels impossible to try because there is nothing to distract, no one to evaluate, no tangible goal to achieve.

I’ve always enjoyed meditation, and one of my visions for 2019 is to re-introduce meditation, and to open up the world of different perspectives, techniques and stories from across the world.

This year, Calm Roots brings together all the transformative forms of meditation from across cultures, civilizations and eras under one roof. I believe that each of these different forms are interwoven, and that they are different pathways to the same goal.

What fascinates me are the incredible stories behind the origins of each of these forms, and how they played a pivotal role in the way mankind thinks and lives today. 

Each of these forms were designed with an effort to condition the mind for peace and purpose, to tackle suffering and pain, and to live with strength and compassion. These have been the goals of humans since the very beginning of their self-awareness.

Through my own experience, I have realized that irrespective of race or religion, some of the core values of these meditation forms are timeless, and can make our lives better even in this highly transformed era.

Meditations from around the World is my attempt to shine the light on these spiritual pathways through these mediums:

 – Global Summit: Meditations from around the World: an online meditation festival, featuring teachers and practitioners of different forms of meditation
 – The Beautiful Book of Meditation: an unabridged compilation of spiritually satisfying visuals and stories around the art of meditation across ages and beyond borders.



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