Top 8 job-creating Indo-German ventures (updated for 2019)

These are eight out of a hundred.

While I was writing my previous post on why to learn German, I was determined to find proof of promising Indo-German businesses that would create jobs.

I would have to go through dozens of articles, cut through a lot of fluff, and validate all the information from credible sources before being sure. It would take a couple of hours.

Or so I thought.

One simple search and there were pages and pages of news on up-and-coming Indo-German ventures. Companies investing millions in India, creating hundreds of jobs, expanding their presence across cities – the proof was all there!

The Big Eight

Among all the big stories, here are the top 8 ones that hold the promise of creating new jobs. Watch out for these:

1. A Joint Venture between Pune’s Allygrow Technologies & Germany’s Grammer AG
Source: Economic Times 

 – The two companies are setting up a new technical centre in Pune
 – Grammer AG is investing around 2 Million EUR in the venture
 – Jobs for 120 engineers in India in the next 3 years (40 hired already)

2. Germany’s Continental AG is going big in the Indian market in the next 2 years
Source: The Hindu 

 – Continental AG, Germany’s leading automotive component manufacturer, will channel in a “high three-digit crore rupees” for expanding their presence in India
 – Employee count is set to rise to 10,000 within a span of 2 years

3. Bosch Home Appliances will open a brand new refrigerator factory in India
Source: The Hindu

 – The company plans to invest around €100 million within the next 3-4 years
 – The focus is on brand building, customized solutions, and starting up a hi-tech factory within that time

4. India’s Hi-Tech Chemicals, Adityapur begins a joint venture with Intocast AG
Source: Telegraph, India 

 – The new firm is called Intocast Hi-Tech, and will rake in an investment of a million euros

 – 500 new jobs will be created by this joint venture in the near future

5. Freudenberg, the German global technology firm, will be kickstarting greenfield production in Tamil Nadu
Source: The Hindu 

 – The entire project is said to be worth ₹210 crore, with potential for job-creation
 – The unit will be located in the vicinity of Chennai, where industrial sealing products will be manufactured. 

6. CMORE Automotive GmbH is partnering with Expert Global, Aurangabad on a brand new venture
Source: Times of India 

 – 400 new jobs will be created under this new Indo-German tie-up

7. German brand SCHOTT plans to take their Indian branch, SCHOTT Tubing India, to the next level
Source: BioSpectrum India 

 – SCHOTT plans to add 20 million euros to their investment in the Indian market.

 – At least 70 new jobs will be created as a result of this business boost.

8. The next decade will see more German companies investing in projects of the Indian Railways
Source: The Hindu 

 – More and more companies are willing to be a part of new railway-related projects
 – This means there would be new production sites, opening up the possibilities for joint ventures with Indian firms and the creation of jobs

What’s in it for me?

Indo-German relationships have never been better – and given all new and diverse joint ventures that are coming up, the Indo-German economic brotherhood is here to stay.

These stories show that these tie-ups are not concentrated in specific cities or industries – so wherever you are, the chances are that a great number of jobs will open up in your city or cities close to you.

Many of these jobs can take your career global, increase your payscale and set you on a more rewarding career path. 2019 could very possibly be the year when you grab your next big career break with one of these well-established companies, or many other like them that will set up base in India. 

How do I prepare for 2019?

1. Stay Posted:

Everyone hates spam. So not many of us would have signed up for job alerts on Naukri, or Indeed or any other job portal. But with so many opportunities opening up, this is the year to set up those alerts, so that if there is a job opening that excites you, you will not miss it.

I would also suggest setting up a Google News alert for German company India. That way, you’ll stay posted about opportunities that are about to open up in the next 2 – 5 years.

2. Optimize your LinkedIn profile:

One look at your profile, and potential recruiters should know your field of expertise, your experience and your career interest. Go beyond copy-pasting your resume onto LinkedIn, write about your core skills, add numbers wherever you can.

And if you really want to stand out, invest some time in writing your own posts on LinkedIn from time to time. Keep them relevant to your field and don’t be afraid of writing a short and crisp post or a long and thoroughly researched article.

3. Learn (and master) the German language:

Pick up the German language through a credible online course (I’m assuming that you don’t have the time for a classroom course). Use the first few months of the year to equip yourself with basic German – and then, if you feel that learning more is going to benefit you, take up further courses.

There are plenty of options to choose from, including my private Skype course for working professionals. 

The important thing is to learn the language and gain that extra edge over competition.

These are some of the simple things you can do to make the most out of the growing Indo-German collaboration this year. If you need help with any of these, or simply want to talk about your career, you can always reach out.